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Accessories include stainless steel and chrome tips

That's not all we have to offer! We've got a variety of them, ranging from 500Acc to 500600SS tips. Anything you could possible need in between, we've probably got that, too! Call on us for any of your tip needs.

When it comes to accessories for your truck, we have what you need!

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We started off in Basement by developing hand tools for the exhaust and industry in 1998, and through 16 years of experience we assure that you will get the high quality product that you deserve.

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Part Number                Angle Cut Chrome Tips

400ACC                       4" Chrome Tip

500ACC                       5" Chrome Tip


                                   Chrome Turndown Tips

350TDC                      31/2" Chrome Turndown

400TDC                      4" Chrome Turndown

500TDC                      5" Chrome Turndown


                                  Stainless Steel Slash Cut, Rolled Edge Tips

350500 SS Tip           31/2" Inlet, 5" Outlet

400500 SS Tip           4" Inlet, 5" Outlet

400600 SS Tip           4" Inlet, 6" Outlet

500600 SS Tip           5" Inlet, 6" Outlet

500SSTip                   5" Tip

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