From industry leading technology to some of the most precise measuring equipment available; we are not afraid to make the investments that will set us apart from our competition.



Tooling charts

Having a tooling chart on hand comes in handy when you are trying to determine what specific parts or accessories you may need, which tools fit which parts, and so on.


We can tool up any size for you as we currently have over 3,000 pieces we can fit to our machines.


Tooling Chart

Call us with any questions you might have about our services or tooling charts.


Exceeding your expectations is our chief priority

Our biggest goal is to provide not only the best in services, but the best in price as well. That's what our customers deserve. We want to far exceed the expectations that you have of us and our company.

We can do three types of welding for you. This includes Tig, Mig, and Arc. Rely on our extensive services.

Other services include:

Feel free to contact us for further details on our equipment.

  • Custom tube bending

  • End finishing equipment and tooling

  • Finger expanding

  • Swaging and reducing

  • Flaring

  • Welding and fabricating

Ben Pearson Model #MC59HS Compression Bender


The capacity of this machine is 3" diameter 14 gauge materials. This machine is a standard exhaust tube bender and does not show distortion throughout the bend. Tolerance levels are + -1 degree and + -1/16".

lady in office exhaust exhaust